Market Notes April 28th 2009

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This market takes a licking and just keeps on ticking. With the news today that regulators are urging Bank of America and Citigroup to boost capital the market had every reason to decline.

Yet with the backdrop of a possible flu pandemic the market absorbed this news and as of the time of this writing was slightly positive, according to Yahoo Finance. This is a very encouraging sign about the resiliency of the market.

It is our opinion that the swine flu will likely impact foreign markets more than domestic markets. Unless we see businesses, factories and schools having to shut down, in which case we could see a market impact in the U.S.

Investors can look back to the SARS outbreak of 2003 to understand how the market might react to a pandemic. SARS killed 775 people in 25 countries (Yahoo Finance) in 2003. The impact was significant for foreign markets but relatively short lived. The domestic impact was negligible.

Lowe fs will continue to closely monitor the situation and potential economic and capital market impacts. If we determine any strategy is appropriate we will implement it in our actively managed discretionary accounts. However, at this time we believe the capital markets underlying trend continues to be up and that unemployment and banking are the only things holding it back.

The fate of the markets and the economy are essentially in the hands of the banking system. As the banks go, so go the markets. Financials will need to take an active role in any sustainable recovery.

If there is not noticeable improvement in the banking sector and an overall reduction in risk, any market rally is not likely to be sustainable. Analysts and investors are counting on a trend of “less worse news” and a signs of stability returning to the sector. If banks suddenly need more bailouts we could see a market pull back.

Speaking of stability in the baking sector, Lowe fs believes that Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis will likely be gone by Labor Day. He has become a lightning rod of bad publicity for BofA and the clock is ticking on his future at the helm. We do not think this will be a major factor in terms of market movement.

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Important Disclosures

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  • No diversification can completely protect against market risk or other risk factors with investing. A diversified portfolio could still lose money.
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Foreign investing carries additional risk such as currency risk, political risk and different accounting standards.

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