Financial Planning Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a financial advisor?

You may need a financial advisor because you need someone to guide you toward financial flexibility. Even with a steady source of income and relatively little debt, a job loss, market crash, or other emergency could destroy your sense of financial security.You need an experienced financial planner who can guide you through each financial change as it occurs. As a result, you will gain peace of mind.

What makes Lowe Wealth Advisors different?

Our firm is distinguished by the depth that our Certified Financial Planners® contribute. With male and female staff members from several generations, we offer well-rounded experience in identifying and managing your potential financial risks.

With Lowe Wealth Advisors, you’ll receive advice from all four members of our team – unlike other firms that only give you access to one financial advisor. Our team brings decades of experience regarding risk management, as well as a strong commitment to personalized service.

I already have a financial advisor. How difficult will the transfer from my current financial advisor to Lowe Wealth Advisors be?

At Lowe Wealth Advisors, our goal is to ease your financial stress, especially as you, transition to our services from another provider. We will ensure a simple transfer to our services, regardless of how long you have been working with your present financial advisor. Our three-step process does the work for you and just requires your signature. Call 443-766-7160 to learn more.

What are the differences between fee-based and commission-based advisors?

Fee-based advisors are independent, meaning that we do not answer to a parent company, nor are we obligated to sell a parent company’s services. Our fiduciary responsibility is to you, only.

Who makes good clients for Lowe Wealth Advisors?

Lowe Wealth Advisors helps individuals, families, and companies of all shapes and sizes across the United States achieve their vision for financial success. We specialize in financial risk management and responsible portfolio growth techniques for physicians, business owners and government contractors, artists, and more.

Why Lowe Wealth Advisors?

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