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How to save money today so you have peace of mind tomorrow

Young people who do not frequently think about saving money for retirement are unfortunately making a mistake. Saving early allows small investments to earn more interest over time than larger investments made later on:

$35,000 becomes $271,000 with a 35-year investment of $1,000 per year.*

$10,000 becomes $447,880 with a 10-year investment of $1,000 per year.**


Here are the first steps to retirement saving through a Roth IRA or employer plans like the 401k, 403b, or TSP:

  • Make wise investment decisions: Work with a financial advisor to manage risk tolerance, asset allocation, and the rebalancing of your savings.
  • Evaluate legal implications: Draft a basic will and advance health care directive, and establish power of attorney.
  • Organize your financial information: Keep a secure binder of important documents and a list contacts who provide your retirement planning advice.
  • Monitor your credit score: Make sure your credit history is correct. Errors could affect your retirement savings.
  • Review your objectives annually: Be proactive about your investment portfolio objectives, and adjust them to meet your needs.Remember – timing is essential to maximizing your return on your investment. Just $83 per month can grow exponentially when invested early.To learn more about how to financially plan for other life pivot points, click the links below:

    * Investment of $1,000 per year from age 35 to 65 at 10%.
    ** Investment of $1,000 per year from age 20 to 30 left to sit until age 65 at 10%.

    We randomly selected a 10% rate of return for illustrative purposes only. Past performance of the markets was not considered and the hypothetical rate is not predictive of future results and a 10% rate of return may not be achieved in the future.

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