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You want your foundation or endowment to thrive for generations. But do you have the time to invest in long-term financial planning?

Lowe Wealth Advisors understands the anxiety involved in planning your foundation’s financial future. Our experienced, independent financial services firm can serve as your fiduciary and help you achieve your objectives, including potential for growth. We work with you wherever you are in the world to help you navigate the process of managing an endowment or foundation.

As the trustee of a foundation or an endowment, we believe that you can gain the following with integrated financial services from Lowe Wealth Advisors:

  • Patient, thoughtful guidance from a highly involved, diligent team. We invest considerable time in understanding your objectives; then, we craft a strategy within the parameters of your investment policy statement. We will focus on the long-term preservation of your assets along with responsible opportunities for potential growth.
  • Guidance from not one, but four Certified Financial Planners®. Unlike most financial services firms, we give you direct access to four financial planners who offer a diverse perspective in developing investment and risk management strategies.
  • 24/7 access to reports on your financial progress. We provide comprehensive and customizable reports allowing you to track specific metrics as you seek to grow your assets.
  • Flexibility to update your goals and billing preferences. As an independent firm, we only recommend the best services for your needs. Our fee schedules are flexible, and we don’t raise fees when your foundation grows. For payment, you can choose a retainer or traditional percentage of assets structure.

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