Financial Planning First Steps

Your Future Begins Now

Tips to begin planning for retirement and beyond

$5 a day may seem like a pittance.

Incredibly, that amount could eventually produce $1,572,375 if invested wisely.*

The key to financial planning is making intelligent daily decisions that minimize your financial risks. Deciding to spend, save, or invest could lead to significant gains or losses in future decades.

Wherever you are financially, consider this –

Your financial future begins now. Lowe Wealth Advisors suggests the following as first steps to helping you reduce your financial anxiety and create a financial legacy for your family.

  • Develop a support network: Consult with a team of professionals who offer you tailored financial services and advice.
  • Create a budget and cash flow plan: Track your income as offset by your debts.
  • Establish an emergency fund: Save at least one month’s worth of fixed expenses in a separate bank account.
  • Pay off credit card and loan debt: Pay off your highest interest rate credit card first. Then redirect debt payments to savings or your emergency fund.
  • Maintain insurance coverage: Obtain or maintain the following kinds of insurance: disability, homeowners or renters, automobile, liability, and life.

It’s never too early to consult a professional financial services provider regarding your financial security. You deserve financial flexibility, with opportunities to grow your portfolio.

To learn more about how to financially plan for other life pivot points, click the links below:

*This assumes an annual investment of $1,825 at 10% return from age 20 to 65. We randomly selected a 10% rate of return for illustrative purposes only. Past performance of the markets was not considered and the hypothetical rate is not predictive of future results and a 10% rate of return may not be achieved in the future.

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