The Retirement Maze

Guidance through the maze of social security and long term care

You may be nowhere close to collecting Social Security. But regardless of where you are in your career, you must plan now to be able to maintain your lifestyle post-retirement.

If you are nearing retirement, there are a number of important financial decisions you need to make, which can be overwhelming. The Lowe Wealth Advisors team has outlined advice on those important financial decisions below.


Deciding When to Take Social Security

A key component in retirement planning is to fully understand your Social Security income options. This required careful analysis and projections. Your financial planner will provide you with insight and experience to help you make an informed decision.

Each situation requires a unique approach to maximizing potential income in retirement. Your financial planner can help you decide whether to delay benefits or take them early and the impact of additional earned income on your benefits.

Planning for Long-Term Care

Before deciding whether you should obtain long-term care insurance, calculate the impact that a long-term illness would have on your current financial plan.

  • How would it affect your surviving spouse?
  • How would it affect the legacy you leave your heirs?
  • How would it affect your asset base?
  • How much choice would you want regarding the method and place of care?

After you answer those questions, you can determine which approach is best for you:

  • Self-insuring (funding out of your current assets),
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Hybrid approach (self-insuring blended with long-term care policy)

When it comes to retirement,you deserve guidance for the ideal policy for your needs. Our experienced financial planners can help you achieve financial freedom during this important time.

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