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Financial planning for business owners and government contractors

Does owning your own business cause anxiety? Do you worry about your financial security?

Lowe Wealth Advisors understands the challenges small business owners face because we are business owners ourselves. Unfortunately, many small business owners forgo financial planning because they assume financial security is unobtainable.

For government contractors, high employee turn-over rates are often a concern. Would your staff be more likely to stay if you offered better benefits, such as an affordable retirement plan option?

As a business owner or government contractor, we believe that you can gain the following with financial planning from Lowe Wealth Advisors:

  • More time to invest in your business. We assume the burden of financial planning (both personal and business-related) so you can grow your company.
  • Experience from four financial planners and an options trader. As a small company ourselves, the team at Lowe Wealth Advisors supports local business owners and has an astute understanding of their daily challenges.
  • A long-term financial security plan to benefit you in the future. We help you manage the financial risks you face as a business owner, whether you area recent entrepreneur or are planning to merge, acquire, or sell.
  • Better retention of top employees to preserve your company’s longevity. We advocate on your behalf to help you incentivize key employees with innovative employee benefits and 401k plans.

Don’t let financial anxiety get in the way of achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

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