Planning for Retirement

Full Speed Ahead

Stress-testing and creating a roadmap for retirement

How much money will you and your spouse need for retirement? How much money will your existing retirement plan generate?

Creating Your Financial Roadmap

Consult a Certified Financial Planner® who can help you develop a roadmap based on these factors:

  • How much income your portfolio might generate
  • Where to take income from first
  • How long your portfolio will last
  • When to accept Social Security
  • When to obtainlong-term care insurance
  • When to obtain life insurance
  • How to best allocate your portfolio
  • The best payout for your pension


Stress-Testing Your Financial Roadmap

Also include the following in your financial plan:

  • Provisions for surprise situations. Plan ahead to prevent income changes, market upsets, and increased inflation from depleting your retirement.
  • Regular updates. Update your plan regularly to identify potential roadblocks and develop a plan to avoid them.

Planning ahead for retirement is essential for maintaining your lifestyle post-career. Our interactive approach to financial roadmaps can help you prioritize your goals for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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