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Free Lowe Wealth Resources Available to You

As part of our commitment to providing extra value to our clients, Lowe Wealth is making a number of resources FREE to the children of our clients, including:

  • Online Financial Planning Roadmap: Fully customizable to your unique situation, this tool helps evaluate and track your financial goals, and shows in real time the impact of various decisions on your financial plan.
  • Financial Guidance: We’re happy to answer any financial questions you may have – from how to best allocate 401k or TSP accounts, save for college tuition, manage risks, design a cost-effective retirement savings plan, and more.

How can we help you?

We understand that each of our clients’ children has a unique financial situation, so we customize our financial guidance according to each individual need. Here are two examples of our client’s children we’ve recently helped:

Tim and Nancy* welcomed a new child and were balancing three goals:

  • Save for a larger home
  • Save for their children’s college tuition
  • Save for their retirement

They needed direction on how to best balance these goals, so we:

  • Gave them access to our online portal, to see in real time how changes in their cash flow, spending, and savings would impact their goals
  • Discussed how to match their retirement plan allocation with their goals and risk levels

Because Tim and Nancy were located out of the state, we met online to give analysis and perspective on their situation. Tim and Nancy walked away with a clear vision of priorities and a financial roadmap, which we will update for them each year – for FREE.

Chris* started a new job and needed guidance on whether to maximize his employer 401k plan or contribute to a Roth IRA. He lived out of the state but, through our online portal, it was as if he was sitting in our office. We:

  • Guided him through the best strategy for his unique situation
  • Provided insight to ensure his selection matched his objectives and risk tolerance

*Names changed. Examples may not be representative of all client experiences.

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