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COVID canceled our annual client breakfast. Below are video resources presented by this year’s speakers that will be beneficial to our clients and prospective clients.


Anirban Basu, of the Sage Policy Group will provide insight on the economic outlook and the impact COVID might have beyond 2020.




Anirban Basu’s Presentation:




Bradley Williams, LWA Chief Investment Officer will share his thoughts on the volatility that is expected around the election cycle.




Bradley Williams’ Presentation:




Olivia Holcombe-Volke, J.D. a Partner with Elville and Associates will provide an Estate Planning update.




Olivia Holcombe-Volke’s Presentation:





Ryan Sturm, CPA and Michael Andrews, CPA, of Katz Abosch will analyze both presidential candidates tax plans and highlight how each could impact your situation.




Ryan Sturm and Michael Andrews’ Presentation:




Kurt Reiman,  Managing Director Blackrock Senior Strategist for North America will present an outlook on financial markets.



Kurt Reiman’s Presentation:



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