Chief Investment Officer Q&A with Lowe Wealth Advisors

1. What is Brad’s background and what will his role be with Lowe Wealth Advisors?

Brad brings more than 15 years of experience in investment analysis and portfolio management to Lowe Wealth Advisors.  He will oversee our research, strategies and portfolio management.

2 Why hire a CIO?

In short, we believe that having a CIO can improve performance in challenging markets and strengthen our foundation as a firm.

We recognize that global markets are not getting any easier to navigate.  From geo-political events, central banks stretching financial systems to unprecedented levels, a weak Euro-zone and uncertainty surrounding the impact of the Fed’s polices, it is clear that enhancing our research and portfolio management process is an important step.

As you know, we are a forward-looking firm; having a CIO prepares us well for the future.  It also allows Greg, in particular, to shift some of his responsibilities and spend more time meeting with our clients.

3. Will Harold, Greg, Jen, and David still be involved in the management of the portfolios?

Yes, while Brad will ultimately oversee all operations, this will be a deliberate and gradual transition.  Harold, Greg, Jen and David will continue to be part of the process and Brad will keep the team well informed of his ideas and strategies; he is accountable to us.  However, as our full-time expert, we don’t anticipate second guessing Brad.  He will fully understand our clients’ objectives and will be empowered to manage accordingly.  He will have the “keys to the car” after the transition is complete.

An added benefit to our clients is that they will continue to have direct access to the investment team for insight and questions.  Our CIO will have the opportunity to get to know each of our clients personally and understand your goals.  We believe this direct access and close relationship is very important to achieving success.

4. What happens with Morris Segall?

We have enjoyed a very productive and beneficial relationship with Morris over the past several years. We will keep in touch with Morris and he remains available to us and to Brad, as needed, as a resource.

5. What about Anirban Basu?

We plan to have Anirban Basu at our November breakfast meeting as normal.  No planned changes here.

6. Will your philosophy still be the same?
Yes, our focus will continue to be on managing potential risk.  Brad will build upon our existing process and ultimately add his expertise and experience to it.  Don’t expect to see sweeping changes to your portfolio. Rather, you should expect to see incremental enhancements over time.  It is possible that you may see broader use of individual equity holdings as appropriate.

7. Do you anticipate adding to the research and management team at Lowe Wealth Advisors?

Yes!  With our expanded office space, which we hope to occupy in January of 2015, we will have room to grow our team as needed.


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